Wonderful things

"Can you see anything?"
"Yes, wonderful things..."

—paraphrased from Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, at the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Happy 14th birthday, Phoenixdex! The time has finally come for some changes—lots and lots of 'em—and a very, very big birthday present.

Here we are again, eh? Fourteen years of this, yikes. I'm gonna skip past the bit where I simultaneously appreciate and am terrified by that amount of time and get to the update proper, because there's a lot to go over and it's technically a year overdue, heh.


The New Logora region has officially been archived, as mentioned before. It had a good run, and I'm still proud of the work I put into it, warts and all! But it's time for me to move on. You can view the New Logora archive page at this link (which is also available from the new Archives page under "General" in the site's main menu): New Logora Region Archive.

There is also a miscellaneous archive for Phoenixdex-specific content that is removed from the site independent of any full region archival: Miscellaneous Archive. Removed canon Pokémon will generally only be archived in the case of a full-region archival like New Logora, or if they have Phoenixdex-specific features like new forms and so on.

In New Logora's place, I'd like to welcome you all to the Nesubi Region!

  • Nesubi is primarily inspired by Egypt, and by Ancient Egypt in particular. Trainers looking to travel Nesubi can expect to visit breathtaking ancient sites alongside bustling modern cities, explore a harsh desert or relax in the cool river valley, and meet a wide variety of Pokémon that humans have been proud (and sometimes a little wary) to live alongside for thousands of years. (Not many Ice-types, though. The climate's a bit toasty for most of them.)
  • The region and its people have a long history of division and tenuously coming back together, marked by many ancient conflicts between the kingdoms of northern and southern Nesubi. Nesubi is united today, but there's still a strong sense of competition between the two (both friendly and slightly less friendly). While the Nesubian Pokémon League is open to all comers and its gyms can be challenged in any order, some competitors from both north and south like to use their league challenge to prove that their home turf produces the strongest trainers of all.
  • And of course, there are still the Unown! Nesubi doesn't claim to be the point of origin for these mysterious entities, but the Unown there do seem to have adopted forms similar to Ancient Nesubi's writing system, and there are stories of the amazing—and terrifying—things these Pokémon can do when brought together, for good or ill...

A lot of New Logora's former Pokémon are found in the Nesubi region, but there are definitely some changes and some additions, which we'll get to in a bit. Just hang tight while we get some housekeeping out of the way first. (Or don't, and just jump straight to the art revamps or new species. I'm not your parent, I can't tell you what to do.)

Characters, Locations and Info

All New Logoran characters (major and minor) have been removed from the site. Likewise for all locations in the region, and the few "lore/story" pages about the Tanoby, the Revivalists and the ferry system. They're still available on the archive, of course!

There's a new overall region page for Nesubi, as mentioned above, but the characters and location details are still being worked on so they don't have pages just yet.

Moves, Abilities and Items

All relevant moves and abilities that have had their data updated as of Scarlet and Violet have been updated to reflect those changes, such as all recovery moves having 5 PP and miscellaneous base power tweaks.

The Phoenixdex move "Thunderclap" has been renamed "Roaring Strike" to avoid collision with the new signature move for Raging Bolt.

Because the canon move Wave Crash is so similar to the Phoenixdex move "Tsunami Rush" (very similar flavor, identical effect/stats), I've renamed Tsunami Rush "Tsunami" and changed its details around: it's now special rather than physical, and has similar properties to Overheat, Leaf Storm, etc.. If a Pokémon previously learned Tsunami Rush but the new Tsunami no longer makes sense for it, it has generally been replaced with Wave Crash.

Trip Up's stats and effect have been turned into a direct copy of Upper Hand, as Upper Hand serves a similar purpose but goes about it in a much less confusing way than Trip Up previously did.

"Knight Sword", "Hero Rally", and "Para Needle" have had their names tweaked to be more grammatically correct (Knightly Sword, Heroic Rally, and Numbing Sting).

The move Vanish has been removed from the site; it wasn't really doing anything that much more interesting than Protect, Detect, etc..

New Moves/Abilities

There are some new terrain-related moves: Dire Miasma for Miasma Terrain and Grave Grasp for Haunted Terrain, respectively.

There's also a new counterpart to Burning Strike and Static Strike: Venomous Strike. I say "new", I designed all three of them at the same time and frankly have no idea why I didn't add Venomous Strike when I added the other two. But it's here now!

And there are a few other miscellaneous additions as well: Jaunt, Jolt, Mind Games, Rocky Rebuff, and Wild Hunt are new moves, while Bug Zapper, Fire-Hardened and Hydropower have been added to the list of abilities.

TMs, Tutors, and Field Moves

As I'd mentioned before, the TM and (to a lesser extent) Move Tutor lists have seen some shaking up. For the canon moves in particular, I'm using my own custom list of TMs and tutors rather than sticking to a list from an older canon game and making awkward adjustments to it. Both lists are currently somewhat smaller as a result, since I didn't want to deal with a towering list of moves out of the gate, but they'll be added to bit by bit whenever I feel it's warranted. The Phoenixdex TM list has also had the old "ZC" label ("Zencalian Confederation", the larger "country" my regions were originally part of but which I'm not really doing anything with anymore) replaced with "PX" for "Phoenixdex"; there've been a handful of swaps in that list as well, but not as big an overhaul as the canon lists. If you're curious about the full lists, you can see all of the TMs and HMs here, and all of the tutor moves here.

Finally, if you check the bottom of a Pokémon's page (see Osgrave for a handy example), you should now see a "Field Moves" section listed underneath the pokémon's egg moves/moves from other sources. This is just a handy summary of all possible field moves that a Pokémon learns (level, TM, HM, etc.), and as such shows the moves that the Pokémon could have in its "Field Moveset": the new moveset for moves that help the trainer explore, and which don't take up space in the battle moveset (unless you want them to; battle moves can still be forgotten without impacting the field moveset). No more feeling terrible about taking up moveslots for Flash, or needing to teach your special-attacking Flying-type the physical move Fly just to get around conveniently!


Some new evolution items have been added to the New Items page. Most prominently, there's a new set of "ore" items, strange chunks of mineral charged with certain types of energy. You could think of them as "physical type" counterparts to the basic elemental stones.

The Berserk Gene is no longer an evolution item; it was a bit weird to use for that purpose for a few reasons, as amusing as it was. The item itself does still exist, but is back to just having its original canon effect. The Berserk Helm, on the other hand, has been removed. Now that Gen 9 has changed (non-berry) consumable items so that they are no longer permanently lost after battle, there's very little need for a separate "Berserk Gene but permanent" item. The Berserk Gene does that by itself now, more or less. Siamacho now evolves from Basculin using the new Rumble Ore (as does Ramfere from Flaaffy). Jackravage currently has no evolution method listed, but that's because it and Buneary are likely to undergo some changes in the future and I'll reassess how it evolves at that point in time.


There's a lot of housekeeping to get out of the way before we can focus on the sweet stuff. I've made the lists of Pokémon collapsible just to keep this update from being absolutely massive by default, and you're welcome to just skip all this stuff and poke around the site itself to see who ended up where.


The following Pokémon have been indefinitely removed from the Phoenixdex (but are still visible in the archives, most of them in the New Logoran archive, except where noted):

  • Paras, Parasect and Paracordis
  • Exeggcute and Exeggutor
  • Kangaskhan/Mega Kangaskhan
  • Natu, Xatu and Nahualatu
  • Remoraid and Octillery
  • Shuckle
  • Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja
  • Swablu, Altaria/Mega Altaria and Chantirrus/Mega Chantirrus
  • Carvanha, Sharpedo/Mega Sharpedo and Khargonaut/Mega Khargonaut
  • Numel and Camerupt/Mega Camerupt
  • Sableye/Mega Sableye
  • Mawile/Mega Mawile
  • Snorunt, Glalie/Mega Glalie and Froslass
  • Meditite and Medicham/Mega Medicham
  • Duskull, Dusclops and Dusknoir
  • Lopunny/Mega Lopunny
  • Pachirisu and Marazuma
  • Cherubi, Cherrim and Cerisol
  • Minccino and Cinccino
  • Scraggy and Scrafty; Cryogonal
  • Petilil and Lilligant
  • Sandile, Krokorok and Krookodile
  • Sigilyph; Espurr and Meowstic
  • Clauncher and Clawitzer
  • Skrelp and Dragalge;
  • Capsukela (now on the miscellaneous archive here)
  • Falcavi and Falcaero (now on the miscellaneous archive here)
  • Kizziff
  • Bucarat and Mortarat
  • Rasqueon
  • Freye, Floundirt and Halirth
  • Torranel
  • Galaraud and Galoryph
  • Kiblis and Ibazel
  • Fulminaja (now on the miscellaneous archive here)
  • every canon Pokémon currently in Faelan except Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Arcanine, Absol and Delibird (and Sneasel, Weavile, Riolu and Lucario, which are moving to Nesubi instead); note that Faelan's removed canon Pokémon were not archived

While archiving a fakemon generally means I'm no longer personally interested in it in its current form, it is theoretically possible that some of these may return in the future, or that parts of their concepts may go on to inspire new fakemon so that they still live on in spirit! I can't make any promises about whether or when that will happen (if it happens at all) for any of these, but hey, you never know when new ideas will strike.

Moving House

The following Pokémon have been moved from New Logora/Nesubi to Accolanto-Calivera:

The following Pokémon have been moved from Accolanto-Calivera to Nesubi:

The following Pokémon have been moved from Faelan to Nesubi:

The following Pokémon have been moved to the Extra Pokémon page (formerly "Extra Fakemon"), and will remain there until moved to another project (some I do have active-but-incomplete plans for; others may be chilling there for a while):

Other Major Edits

There've been a lot of small tweaks, especially to movesets, stats, dex entries and such, which are too numerous to list here. But some of the more noticeable changes include:

  • Acceleret and Veloswift are now pure Flying-types (Dribbino is unchanged)
  • Murgaz and Chaszin are now a two-stage, non-early-bug line, and have undergone numerous stat, level, and other changes as a result (they are also very likely to have their names changed and art updated but that will come later)
  • Transmite is now part of a three-stage evolution line
  • Quilittle and Serpecidus are now Ground/Flying rather than Normal/Flying
  • Garapaima is now Water/Rock rather than pure Water
  • Ramfere is now Electric/Fighting, and Lamlie, Lobovo and Luvaris are now all Ground/Dark; didn't really make sense for the aggressive and not particularly subtle Ramfere to be a Dark-type, or the sneaky and deceptive Luvaris to be a practiced, martial arts–studying Fighting-type
  • Vaering, Raidnarr, Drasarkr, Melanyan, Oceluna and Panumbra are now pseudo-legends and have had their stats adjusted to match; the Vaering line are also now pure Dragon-types rather than Water/Dragon
  • Finnial, Termelc and Distrike are no longer pseudo-legends but just powerful normal Pokémon, and have had their stats adjusted to match; Distrike is also now pure Electric rather than Electric/Steel
  • Sparcoil is now Fire/Dark instead of Fire/Fighting
  • Makitaku is now Normal/Ghost instead of Normal/Psychic

As mentioned above, some other Pokémon (both canon and fakemon) are likely to undergo changes in the future as I revamp them, swap them out for regional forms, and so on.

Art Revamps

Quick note! If you're still seeing the old art from before March 31, your browser might be hanging onto the older images. Try hard refreshing your browser with CTRL+F5 (Windows/Linux) or CMD+R (Mac).

Quite a few fakemon have received some new artwork (and corresponding design history updates)! Some of these were previewed earlier, but there are a bunch of new ones, too:

Fire Dark

A lot of these were a long time coming, some of them with art that hasn't been touched since the musty, dusty, pre-Phoenixdex days of 2008. And even then, some of them held up pretty well for a while. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd change up Osgrave's art, but I'm really pleased with its new look, and I hope at least some of you out there like it, too! Ideally all of these guys should be more visually interesting, look more like the types they're supposed to be, have designs or poses that better reflect their personalities, or just... no longer look like I drew them in 2008. :B

(Mega Ramfere's current design is now a little weird next to the new bipedal Ramfere, but I didn't have time to put a new Mega Ramfere together before the big day hit. I definitely have ideas, though!)


Just in case you missed the link all the way at the top, Unown is also sporting a brand-new, just-for-Nesubi look! Looks plural, even; the main image features the "viper" form Unown, based on the hieroglyph that represents the "F" sound in Ancient Egyptian (matching the canon Sugimori art being the "F" form), but if you check out the Other Official Images section at the bottom of Unown's page, I've added an image depicting all of the hieroglyph-like forms found in Nesubi.

New Pokémon!

And finally, the most exciting part! New friends!

Before we continue, I do want to make clear that Nesubi is still very much a project and isn't debuting in a completed state; there'll still be gaps in the dex numbering to fill as I design new fakemon and forms, new locations to detail over time, and so on. That said, let's take a look at what shiny new stuff we are starting out with! We'll begin at the beginning and say hello to Nesubi's new starters:

Wait, new starters? Right after the existing starters got revamped? Well, "new" doesn't necessarily have to mean replacing what was there before! Both halves of Nesubi have their own strong Pokémon training traditions, and that includes offering two different sets of starter options to beginning trainers. Our old friends Acafia, Crocoal and Spraylet are available to trainers who start in Lower Nesubi, while newcomers Lilytad, Telwick and Sailby will be joining trainers who set out from Upper Nesubi. (If this were a proper game, you would of course have an opportunity to obtain a starter from the opposite set later in your journey!)

I mentioned above that Transmite was no longer a single-stage Pokémon. So, say hello to its new relatives! I thought it'd be fun to try an "early bird" line that weren't actually birds, and Transmite was a bit blah for a single-stage Pokémon that didn't even have a gimmick to make it interesting or entertaining, so I slotted it in here instead. (It is, as a result, no longer a "counterpart" to Tianglis. Tianglis is likely to receive its own big revamp somewhere down the line, probably remaining single-stage but becoming a lot less awkward and underwhelming. We'll see what happens when we get there...)

Mandeglare's been kicking around the Previews page for a few years now (as was the prototype version of what is now Sailby!), but the time has finally come for Galorindle's former evolutions to ride off into the sunset so this spooky weirdo can take the stage properly.

Clear Body

I'm sure we all knew this was going to happen eventually. Sorry, y'all, but I've gone and sold out to Big Eeveelution. This is a set of "physical-type" Eeveelutions, to act as a sort of counterpart for the canon "special-type" ones. To avoid any potential clashes with canon should Game Freak decide to venture into the physical types themselves, this Eevee is internally considered a different "form" than canon Eevee, hence its different abilities. I don't currently have plans to make an Eeveelution for every single physical type, but I do have a handful of other ideas that may turn up in another project somewhere in the future if things work out!

(Mercureon isn't new, of course, but I listed it here with its family for completeness' sake. Poor guy finally has a home after being stuck on the Extra Fakemon page for nearly 10 years!)

There've been several other canon additions to Nesubi as well; I won't list them all here because this is more than long enough, but for example the region now includes Ditto, Yamask, Naclstack and Flygon.

Other Miscellaneous Updates

I've renamed the New Mechanics page Game Mechanics just to be a bit more general, cleaned it up a bit, and added some details about how gym challenges and HMs/Field Moves tend to work in my projects.

And the Fakemon Generator now also includes current Scarlet/Violet updates as well as the new moves and abilities added above!


So, that's where things stand right now! As I've probably mentioned a few times by now, I definitely have more fakemon and other changes planned for Nesubi that I just didn't have the availability to prepare, but they'll be added in time. (This includes some art revamps, concept tweaks, and even some regional forms for some of the Pokémon that are already there, so don't be surprised if you see some artwork, types and other features for existing Nesubian Pokémon changing in the future! Hm, would the ocean-going Lapras really stick to just the river, and in such a hot region...?)

I need to take a bit of time to attend to some things and decompress a bit after the last-minute rush to finish up, but I do fully intend to keep adding to and developing Nesubi (and the other Phoenixdex projects, of course!) whenever I can. Thanks for sticking around, and I'll see y'all as soon as I've got the next update ready to go!