The Phoenixdex is one of the many fan-projects of one Phoenixsong, a.k.a. moi. I've always liked monsters, I've always liked creating monsters, and I've always liked Pokémon (since 1998, baby!). Creating fake Pokémon in my spare time is just a natural progression from all of that. As for why I have an entire website dedicated to these silly fake Pokémon, well, imagine my surprise when I discovered that there were people around the Internets that liked creating/looking at fan-made Pokémon just as much as I do! I'm proud of my creations and want to show them off to the other fakemon-nerds who happen to enjoy this sort of thing.

I am currently working on creating several regions and other similar Pokémon fan-projects, including coming up with maps, major characters, histories and, of course, Pokémon. The Zencalian Confederation is the largest of these projects, as it is actually a collection of several complete regions in one in addition to having its own "interregional Pokédex" (Pokémon found in almost all, if not all, of the ZC's constituent regions) on top of that. You can see my progress on these by checking out the "Regions" section of the menu.

Most of the pages you'll see give detailed information about my fakemon: images, Pokédex entries, types, evolution lines, abilities, stats, moves, whatever other vaguely relevant nonsense I can dream up about 'em. Important characters and locations will be receiving pages as well, though for the time being completing the Pokédexes is my main focus.

Eventually I also plan to start writing articles and guides about the art of the fakemon—best practices when creating a believable Pokémon, established "rules" and when it is and is not okay to break them, different ways to go through the creation process, finding inspiration, things like that. All of these resources are available under the "Resources" section of the menu; there aren't too many at the moment, but I hope to continue adding to them. For more ideas, you're welcome to check out the IdeaDex Tumblr for all your fakemon inspiration needs.

That's the Phoenixdex in a nutshell, then. You're welcome to contact me with any questions or comments you might have, although I'd appreciate it if you'd check out the FAQ below before sending your message—I may have addressed it already.

Frequently-Asked Questions

I am not as wildly popular as many of the other fakemon artists out there—with good reason, of course, as they're all pretty much more skilled and creative than I am—but on several occasions people have asked me about using my Pokémon in various projects (as well as a few other questions). I've gone back and forth about how I feel about other people using my fakemon, and I think I've finally settled on a stance I feel comfortable with. On that note, we'll start out with the most common question:

Can I use your fakemon/moves/abilities/whatever for X?

If the thing you want to use has a Creative Commons license image Creative Commons License on its page, then yes, you may use it in accordance with the guidelines described here. You don't have to ask me first. (If you asked me about this at an earlier point and I told you "no", yes, you can now use them as long as you follow the license.)

If it does not have that image on it, however, then you do need to get my permission; the answer is probably "no" (because otherwise it would probably be CC-licensed already, wouldn't it?), but you're welcome to try.

If you do need to ask for permission, please describe your project in your message so I actually understand what you're doing and whether or not I'm comfortable having my stuff associated with it.

I saw a fakemon that you drew for someone else when they requested it. May I use that?

I don't take requests very often because I rarely finish them, and I never post them in many places for various reasons. Nevertheless, there are a few requested fakemon pics floating around out there. The fakemon in those pictures were not created by me and therefore are not mine to share with anyone. If you want to use one of those fakes, contact the person who requested it from me and ask them. If they say that you can use it, you can use it, and if not, respect their wishes and move on.

(If you don't know how to get in touch with the requester you can ask me to help, but I can't guarantee that I remember who requested what or that I know how to get in touch with them, either. You're probably better off just using one of the CC fakemon or looking somewhere else, sorry.)

Can you make fakemon for me/my game/my forum/etc.?

No. I don't do fakemon requests/commissions and I don't have time to join your fangame's team or your forum's moderators or whatever. I do have a Tumblr for fakemon ideas and several fakemon creation resources on this site if you don't want to use the Creative Commons stuff, though, so you're welcome to read through those to help your project along.

I have a really cool idea! Can I collaborate with you on the Phoenixdex/will you draw my fakemon and put them on the Phoenixdex? You can still get credit!

I'm not interested in collaborating with anyone or implementing other people's ideas, either. This is a personal project that includes only things that I enjoy working on; it's what I do to relax and have fun and stretch my own imagination. I'm always amazed and flattered that other people seem to like my silly fakemon, but I'm not doing this for anyone other than myself. I'm not taking suggestions or building a community pokédex like the ones you see on Tumblr. There are plenty of other websites that are great for sharing your ideas with the world, and since my fakemon are available under Creative Commons, you can even use them as springboards for your own stuff as long as you give me credit. Go ahead and create that Mega Osgrave if you want; I'd actually love to see it when you're done. Just make it your own creative work for your own enjoyment rather than attempting to include yourself in mine.

Also, do not ask for "collaboration" as a thinly-veiled excuse to work around the previous question and get me to draw or showcase your own ideas for you. As I just said above, I don't have time to draw art for other people, especially not for free. If you're not confident in your ability to draw your ideas, you're welcome to commission a different artist, or to find an art tutorial (there's one right here on this site) and start learning to do it yourself. If the issue is that you don't have a place to show off your fakemon, consider creating a wiki to act as your own personal pokédex.

It's wonderful that you have fun new fakemon ideas, or that my work may have inspired you. But your ideas are yours, not mine, so they belong in your space, not here.

May I draw fanart/write fanfic/create other fanwork of your stuff?

As long as credit is given, fanwork is loved and you do not need to ask permission to create it. :D Whatever it is, I'd love to see it when you're done! Feel free to let me know about it via the Contact page, and I'll probably put it/a link to it up on the site to show off how awesome it is.

Did you know X about the new games/When are you going to add X new thing?

Yes, I know, and I'll deal with it when I have time. I promise that I pay just as much attention to Serebii and Bulbapedia and PokeBeach and wherever else as you do. I appreciate the heads-up, but kindly don't assume I don't know what's going on in the franchise just because I didn't add a bunch of fakemon for a new type or whatever immediately after Serebii reported on it. Updates to the site are not exactly frequent anyway, so why should an update for a whole new game/generation/etc. come along any faster? Honestly, new games/generations often change enough things that making those updates involves extra work and a lot of reorganization, so they're likely to take even longer than usual. Please be patient while I work to keep the Phoenixdex up-to-date. :)

What if someone else with a different name posted this stuff somewhere?

First of all, stop before running to me or this "other person" to report theft. If:

  • the content you saw gives credit to me/this site, especially if it mentions a Creative Commons license, then chances are the work is being used appropriately under the terms on this page. This is allowed and there's no need to report anything.

  • there is no credit but the other person's username is Kratos/Kratos Aurion, Phoenixkratos, Phoenixzelos, K Phoenix, ReynardZK, Achillobator, Malice Aforethought, Hawkdragon or Delusions of Originality, there is no need to report anything to anyone because that is me. No, I am not terribly consistent when it comes to choosing usernames.

If it's anyone else and there is no credit given/you think the CC license is not being followed correctly, or if you are absolutely certain that the person is not me despite having one of the names mentioned above, then calmly contact me and let me know who you think stole from me, or I stole from, or whatever. I generally make a point of not ripping other people's ideas off, but I'm willing to have a rational discussion with someone if need be.

I want to ask you about something that isn't covered above.

Go right ahead. You can find my contact details on the Contact page.