Game Mechanics

This page describes additions or alterations to some of the gameplay or battle mechanics of the hypothetical "games" the Phoenixdex region projects would take place in. (To be clear, I have no current plans or desire to create actual, traditional fangames using these projects.)

For new moves and abilities unique to the Phoenixdex, see Moves and Abilities.

General Gameplay

Gym Leaders and the Elite Four

For those regions which have a traditional Pokémon League structure, gyms can be challenged in any order unless otherwise stated (some gym leaders may occasionally have a minimum badge requirement before they'll entertain a challenge from a trainer). Gym leaders maintain multiple teams of Pokémon at varying levels of strength, so they can field a team that should be an appropriate challenge whether their opponent is just starting out or is going for their final badge.

The members of the Elite Four can also be challenged in any order—once you've earned the requisite number of badges or met any other requirements, of course!—although the Champion is always challenged last. The Elite Four members and Champion each tend to use a single, high-level team, as they don't accept challenges from beginning trainers for obvious reasons.

Field Moves

Rather than completely remove the concept of "Hidden Machines" and their associated moves, the Phoenixdex regions are intended to maintain the ability to explore the world and uncover its secrets using the assistance of your Pokémon, your own teammates and friends. This is accomplished by the use of a separate moveset that all Pokémon can access as long as they're able to learn at least one move with an overworld effect (such as Surf, Flash, Dig, or Sweet Scent). Whenever a Pokémon learns a field move by any means (level, TM/HM, tutor, etc.), that move is added to its "Field Moveset", which has no limit to the number of moves known aside from the total number of field moves a given species can learn. The learned move can also optionally be added to the Pokémon's standard set of four battle moves, but does not have to be, and forgetting a move from the battle moveset does not remove it from the field moveset. This means that you don't have to take a dedicated physical attacker like Rocklantis and use up one of its four precious battle moveslots on a special attack like Surf, while still allowing Rocklantis to carry you over water.

All that said, many regions do have a "Ride Pager" service or equivalent for those trainers who need it. Just because you don't happen to be interested in training a Water-type of your own doesn't mean you should be locked out of surfing somewhere!

A Pokémon's potential field moves are listed at the end of its general movelist. See Osgrave as an example.

Battle Mechanics

Status Conditions


Deafened is a volatile status condition. Deafened Pokémon are immune to moves with the "Sound-based" flag, just as if they had the abilities Cacophony or Soundproof. The condition usually lasts until the end of the next turn.

Deafening is caused by the moves Ear Splitter and Noise Blast.

Field Effects

Miasma Terrain

Miasma terrain envelops the battlefield in stifling, hazy air tainted with pollutants and germs. It makes the active Pokémon sick unless they have a high resistance to toxins or disease.

While miasma is the active terrain:

  • All Pokémon on the ground (except Poison-types, Steel-types and Pokémon with Poison Heal, Immunity, Gas Guzzler or Magic Guard) receive damage equal to 1/16 of their maximum HP at the end of each turn.
  • Poisoned and badly poisoned Pokémon take double the normal amount of damage each turn. Poisoned Pokémon with Poison Heal recover double the normal amount of HP each turn.
  • The speed of Pokémon with Gas Guzzler is doubled.
  • Poison-type moves used by Pokémon on the ground have their power increased by 1.5×.
  • Changes Nature Power to Sludge Bomb, causes Secret Power to look like Smog and have a chance to poison the target, and causes Camouflage to change the user into a Poison-type.
  • Dire Miasma badly poisons targets on the ground.

Miasma terrain is caused by the move Miasma Terrain and the ability Miasma Surge. It lasts for 5 turns.

Haunted Terrain

Haunted terrain summons mischievous spirits from beyond the grave to swirl around the active Pokémon and interfere with the battle.

While haunted is the active terrain:

  • All Pokémon on the ground have double the usual effect chance for their moves with secondary effects (as though all grounded Pokémon had Serene Grace).
  • Fighting- and Normal-type moves used against Pokémon on the ground have their power reduced by 0.5×.
  • Changes Nature Power to Shadow Ball, causes Secret Power to look like Shadow Sneak and have a chance to make the target flinch, and causes Camouflage to change the user into a Ghost-type.
  • Grave Grasp does 1.5× its normal damage and prevents a grounded target from switching out.

Haunted terrain is caused by the move Haunted Terrain. It lasts for 5 turns.