Enjoy a few sneak previews of some of the stuff I'm working on!

Finished Images

Before the official release of Accolanto, this image and a little teaser snippet implying that the depicted Pokémon were starters sat at the bottom of this page. When the region's pokédex opened its doors to the public, the first two were revealed as Accolanto's respective Grass- and Fire-type starters, Adargana and Cindigre. The third, however, was nowhere to be found; if you look at the Accolanto-Calivera Pokédex now, you'll see the Water-type starter is Swimmole. Hm.

rawr imma dinosaur

So what exactly is this mysterious little creature, and where do you get it, if not in Accolanto somewhere? (Or is it in Accolanto? Maybe it's not even a starter at all?)

WIP Images

No comment here, aside from the fact that the claws on this guy look pretty scary. I wonder what it actually uses them for, though?



Ancient Tanoby artwork in New Logora depicts several of the legendary Pokémon that used to bless the region, such as this one:

a sense of power seems to emanate from it

This was supposedly Kolnoq, a fiery beast that brought heat to the land and great ambition to its people. Whatever it really did, it's long gone now, but more information about it might be revealed as the Revivalists continue their work...