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Welcome to the Phoenixdex, a collection of Phoenixsong's fakemon, fake regions, similar projects and all of the silly extraneous information about them. The site is presented in an "online pokédex" style, mostly just because I'm a massive nerd, and should be fairly extensive. In addition to fakemon, fake regions and their ilk, there are also resources available to help anyone looking to create their own fakemon projects. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Don't know where to start? There's a random fakemon over to the right, and you can find links to information about my current major projects below. The most recent site updates are just under that if you'd like to see what's new.

Adargana, Cindigre and Swimmole
Pokédex • Characters • Locations
Acafia, Crocoal, Spraylet, Lilytad, Telwick and Sailby
Pokédex • Characters • Locations
Lizeroon, Telerond and Guilgile
Pokédex • Characters • Locations

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Wonderful things

"Can you see anything?"
"Yes, wonderful things..."

—paraphrased from Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, at the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Happy 14th birthday, Phoenixdex! The time has finally come for some changes—lots and lots of 'em—and a very, very big birthday present.


A birthday delay + a peek at what's on the way...

Hello, all! Today's the Phoenixdex's 13th birthday! I was hoping to have the new region project I'd been talking about ready to go, but alas, time and work have conspired against me. The launch proper is still a little ways out, but I didn't want to let the 31st pass by with nothing to show for it...


Twelve years, huh?

Hello again! This will be a relatively quiet birthday update in terms of new content, but I do have a few things to say!


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