A birthday delay + a peek at what's on the way...

Hello, all! Today's the Phoenixdex's 13th birthday! I was hoping to have the new region project I'd been talking about ready to go, but alas, time and work have conspired against me. The launch proper is still a little ways out, but I didn't want to let the 31st pass by with nothing to show for it...

I've been working on a staging site to get everything ready so it could all go up at once, and most of the needed technical stuff (things like Gen 9 move additions) is all set, but there's still some work that needs to be done for the new region itself. I do want to make clear that said new region is still very much a project and won't be debuting in a completed state; there'll still be gaps in the dex numbering to fill as I design new fakemon and forms, new locations to detail over time, and so on. But there was a certain amount of content I was hoping to have done for the initial launch, and sadly I just haven't had the time to get all the way there yet. I'd rather not rush this out just to meet a technically arbitrary deadline, so in the interest in giving the new stuff the time it needs in the oven, the new region won't be releasing today. Sorry! I don't have a final date for when it'll all be ready, but it'll be as soon as I can reasonably make it so.

I don't want to leave the big day itself without anything fun, though, so here are a few quick sneak peeks at what I've been working on!

First, here are some screenshots of the new region's pokédex page, so you can see some returning faces, some new canon friends (though some of them might look a little different in the future...), and an art revamp or two as well! Don't worry about the gray Osgrave-like shape in the very bottom right corner of the second one; that's just a placeholder image for something that still needs completed art. No need to concern yourself with whatever's directly to the left of the placeholder, either.

Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2

...aw, to heck with it, why not show one of the new revamps in full? Nulohm's new coat of paint is pretty long overdue:

a very wild beast

And here's a small slice of the new region's map to close things out:

i'm the map!

Happy birthday, Phoenixdex! Your present's gonna be a little belated—maybe I should've seen this coming, given it's your thirteenth birthday and all—but hopefully it'll be well worth the wait!