Fakemon Generator

Need a new fake pokémon? Let this generator take care of it for you! Just press the button and receive the lovingly-crafted description of a fabulous, flawless fakemon, complete with types, basic physical and flavor details and even suggested moves and abilities. All you have to do is add artwork! A few more button presses and you'll have your pokédex filled out in no time!

If the generator's output is a little sillier than you're looking for, feel free to cherry-pick just the bits and pieces that really inspire you, or, say, re-roll until you get a set of abilities or moves that you like. You can also just dive in and give one of the ridiculous results a shot; even if it's no good as a serious fakemon, it might still make for a fun and challenging creature design exercise! Whatever you decide, the generator results are yours to do with as you please, no credit required (except for any Phoenixdex content you use, which is available under a Creative Commons license).

Include Phoenixdex moves and abilities?

A type-type fakemon that is based on base. It is a size creature with a cry cry that shape, has description, and its primary color is color. It habitat. Its abilities, and its moveset includes move 1, move 2 and move 3.