The Phoenixdex is still a work in progress, and is likely to remain so for a long, long time. In addition to the fact that new content will be added from time to time, this also means that things may change or be removed. As I improve my fakemon design skills and as my general tastes and interests change, there may occasionally be Pokémon or even whole projects that I feel I no longer want to actively include in the Phoenixdex. That doesn't mean that I'm not proud of the work that went into those things, or that I want to throw them away entirely—it just means I'd like to shift my focus elsewhere.

So that I and others can still look back on those things that have been removed, I've created small, simple "archive" sites that can be used to view images and basic information about previous Phoenixdex content. They won't have the same level of detail as the main site does (for example, no move lists for Pokémon), but you'll still be able to see art, pokédex entries, and other basic information. Any Phoenixdex fakemon in the archives are also still available under Creative Commons as well, so if you happen to be interested in one for a project, you are still welcome to do so with credit!

(If I ever revamp a fakemon design and replace its old art with new art, you can also view older designs on that fakemon's page, in the "Design History" section at the bottom. See Acafia's page as an example.)

Available Archives