Tough Hide

Flavor Text

Thick skin prevents extra side-effects on contact.

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This Pokémon is immune to all effects that have to do with physical contact. In other words, the Pokémon with Tough Hide is immune to the effects of Aftermath, Cute Charm, Effect Spore, Flame Body, Gooey, Iron Barbs, Mummy, Pickpocket, Poison Point, Poison Touch, Rough Skin, Static and Tangling Hair, and will not suffer the additional effects of Baneful Bunker, King's Shield or Spiky Shield. This means that if a Pokémon with Tough Hide uses an attack such as Tackle against an opponent that has the ability Flame Body, the 30% chance of burning due to a direct attack is nullified.

Additionally, this Pokémon ignores the damage boost that would be given by Tough Claws and takes normal damage from Pokémon with that ability.

Damage and status effects caused by attacks and other effects are not nullified by Tough Hide, and other ability effects (such as those of Intimidate, Super Luck and Sand Veil) can still occur.

Pokémon with Tough Hide as a standard ability (7)

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