Electric Terrain


Base PowerPower PointsAccuracy
Effect ChancePriorityTarget
—%0Entire field

Move Flags


Flavor Text

The user electrifies the ground under everyone’s feet for five turns. Pokémon on the ground no longer fall asleep.


For five turns, prevents all Pokémon on the ground (i.e., not Flying, Levitating, holding an Air Balloon or under the effects of Magnet Rise or Telekinesis) from sleeping and strengthens their Electric moves to 1.3× their power. Yawn will fail if used against a Pokémon on the ground during Electric Terrain, and any grounded Pokémon already made drowsy by Yawn will not fall asleep.

If the user is holding Terrain Extender, this effect lasts for eight turns instead of five.

Changes Nature Power to Thunderbolt, causes Secret Power to look like Thunder Shock and have a chance to paralyze the target, and causes Camouflage to change the user into an Electric-type.

Defog removes this effect from the field.

Pokémon that learn Electric Terrain by level (9)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (9)

Pokémon that learn Electric Terrain as an egg move (9)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (5)

Canon Pokémon (4)

Pokémon that learn Electric Terrain by other means (1)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (1)

Guts, Rock Head
as Nuwill (level 20)