Flavor Text

Moves have an increased chance to cause flinching.

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Whenever this Pokémon uses an attack that has a chance of making the target flinch, that attack has an additional 20% chance of causing flinching in addition to whatever its original chance was (so, for example, Iron Head would have a 50% chance of causing flinching instead of 30%). Overzealous does not affect moves that only cause flinching if the user holds a King's Rock/Razor Fang (so it will not increase Peck's chance of flinching with King's Rock from 10% to 30%).

Out-of-Battle Effect

If the first Pokémon in the party has this ability, any random encounter with a Pokémon five or more levels lower than it has a 50% chance of being skipped.

Pokémon with Overzealous as a standard ability (4)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (4)