South Jadewing Forest

Map of the Accolanto Region, South Jadewing Forest markedMap of the Accolanto Region, South Jadewing Forest marked


Jadewing Forest is full of powerful, dangerous Pokémon that provide the perfect challenge for championship hopefuls... but are a bit too much for new trainers to handle. Lucky for them, then, that the path south to the bulk of the gyms cuts through this tamer southern section of the woods. Not only are the Pokémon friendlier and easier to deal with—sometimes the wild Robonbo will even perch in the trees alongside the path to light the way at night—but the wide variety of types available provides an opportunity for rookies to start putting their teams together.

Name Origin

jade + wing

Pokémon found in South Jadewing Forest

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Pompillar / Giltalis / Vanitarch 25% 4–9 / 10–19 / 20+ Walking
Faintrick / Fraudkill 25% 4–24 / 25+ Walking
Robonbo / Robutane 15% 4–27 / 28+ Walking
Strixalba / Strixlan 15% 4–24 / 25+ Walking
Stickibat / Trickibat 10% 4–24 / 25+ Walking
Mambar / Boomrslang 10% 4–26 / 27+ Walking

Nearby Locations

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West: N/A South Jadewing Forest East: N/A
  South: Route AC2  
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