An introduction to the regions that make up this project.


The trainers in Accolanto are considered some of the most dedicated in the entire Zencalian Confederation League. No-frills and high-skill Pokémon battles are all the rage—the only rage, really—and everyone from beginning battlers to Pokémon masters can find a challenge that's just right for them. There's even a second Pokémon League starting up soon, offering advanced battlers twice the opportunity for a good scrap, although the details surrounding its split from the original league are still a mystery.
A map of the Accolanto region.

New Logora

The diverse islands of the New Logora region house a wide variety of Pokémon and a fully-fledged and challenging Pokémon League. Alongside these traditional trainer attractions, the region also holds a great mystery: who were the ancient Tanoby people, and what happened thousands of years ago that caused them to disperse and fall from power? Perhaps only the Unown know the answer...
A map of the New Logora region.


Faelan is the newest Zencalian region—physically the newest, not just politically or anything, because as far as everyone understands the whole region literally showed up out of nowhere a few short centuries ago. People have since settled it and gone about their lives, even starting up a Pokémon League, and for the most part things are going well... as long as everyone remembers to be careful around all that strange mist, that is.
A placeholder image standing in for a map of the Faelan region.