Base PowerPower PointsAccuracy
Effect ChancePriorityTarget
—%0All adjacent opponents

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Move Flags

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Flavor Text

The user whips up a choppy wind that buffets the opposing team's held items out of their grips, and those items can't be used in that battle.

Move Description

The user creates a strong, choppy wind that buffets the opposing side, making it difficult for the foes to hold onto their items and eventually blowing those items away.


The target loses its held item, although if this move would trigger that item's effect then that effect will occur before the item is removed (and the item will be consumed rather than removed if it would normally be consumed).

Neither the user nor the target can recover the lost item by any means.

If the target has Sticky Hold, is Giratina holding a Griseous Orb, Genesect holding a Drive, a Pokémon with Multitype holding a Plate, or a Pokémon holding its corresponding Mega Stone, this move will fail against it.

Pokémon that learn Turbulence by TM/HM (56)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (44)

Canon Pokémon (12)