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Moves can be used on the target regardless of its held items.

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This Pokémon's moves completely ignore held items that could hinder or prevent their effect on the target.

For example, this Pokémon's moves ignore items that would fully negate them, such as Air Balloon, and items that grant any general protective benefit, such as Yache Berry, Eviolite, Focus Sash/Focus Band or Bright Powder. If an item could either hinder or help this Pokémon's moves, the item is ignored either way.

Held items that do not fit this description, even if they could hinder moves in some other way, are not affected. This ability cannot ignore type or form changes granted by items, for example Multitype or Giratina's Origin Forme. This ability cannot ignore other effects of the target's held item; for example, it will not stop the target's Special Attack being raised by an Absorb Bulb, and it will not stop the bearer from taking damage if it triggers the target's Rowap Berry.

An item ignored by this ability is only nullified while the move is being used. For example, this Pokémon's moves can paralyze a Pokémon holding a Cheri Berry, but the Cheri Berry will activate and heal the paralysis immediately thereafter.

When this Pokémon enters battle, all participating trainers are notified that it has this ability.

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