Route AC26

Map of the Accolanto Region, Route AC26 markedMap of the Accolanto Region, Route AC26 marked


The Pokémon found in the grasses and on the riverbanks here are still relatively small and docile, but that's not the case if you travel too far in this direction—then you're entering Jadewing Forest proper, and there's a reason the forest serves as Accolanto's Victory Road. The guards at the Pokémon League Gate will stop you from going any deeper if you don't have enough badges, but Route AC26 is still worth a quick stop for early trainers, as some of its Pokémon may be useful in the nearby gyms.

Pokémon found in Route AC26

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Grass - - -
Faintrick / Fraudkill 50% 2–24 / 25+ Walking
Kwee / Casberry 30% 2–27 / 28+ Walking
Larvill / Alphian 20% 2–24 / 25+ Walking

Nearby Locations

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