Forest Town

Map of the Accolanto Region, Forest Town markedMap of the Accolanto Region, Forest Town marked


Forest Town is a deceptively quiet settlement that sleeps in the shadow of the mighty Jadewing Forest. Not much seems to happen here at first glance, but a lot of talented trainers and masters-in-the-making pass through on their journeys. Some rookies try to head straight for Desiree's Ground-type gym, the first they'll encounter after leaving Pastel City, although she can present an awfully steep challenge for someone just starting out; luckily for them, a gym that serves as a gentler introduction is just a short trip further south to Charcoal City. Trainers who are more advanced often stop by as well, either making Desiree their final gym challenge or moving on east into the woods and Victory Road.

Name Origin

forest (as in the color "forest green", and as in a literal forest)

Nearby Locations

  North: Route AC1  
West: N/A Forest Town East: Route AC26
  South: Route AC2  
Other Nearby Places: N/A