Mt. Carnelian

Map of the Accolanto Region, Mt. Carnelian markedMap of the Accolanto Region, Mt. Carnelian marked


Mt. Carnelian hasn't erupted in years and shows no sign of doing so any time soon, so this tunnel is considered more or less safe to pass through. Trainers are still advised to be careful as they travel toward Midnight City, however, as the numerous well-armored Rock-types can quickly wear down an inexperienced team.

Name Origin

carnelian, a red stone

Pokémon found in Mt. Carnelian

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Dribbino / Acceleret / Veloswift 45% 6–15 / 16–33 / 34+ Walking
Arridian / Obsedge 35% 6–24 / 25+ Walking
Floyant / Pummelite 20% 6–32 / 33+ Walking

Nearby Locations

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