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The Pokémon can pass an item to an ally.


If an ally Pokémon consumes its item while this Pokémon is holding an item, this Pokémon will immediately transfer its item to that ally (even if the ally is non-adjacent). If multiple Pokémon have Symbiosis, the fastest one will transfer its item first, even under the effect of Trick Room.

If the received item is consumable and its effect is applicable to the recipient's current situation (e.g., a Gem received that would power up the move the recipient is about to use), the item is automatically activated and consumed unless both the initial and transferred items are Gems. Plates transferred to a Pokémon using Judgment and Drives transferred to a Pokémon using Techno Blast will not change the move's type, however. If the recipient's item was consumed as the result of Fling, Polter Juggle or Natural Gift, or if it was a type-resist Berry activated because the recipient took the appropriate type of damage, the item is not transferred until after all damage is dealt.

If the consumed item is an Eject Button, the new item is transferred to the recipient before it switches out. In this case, the received item's effect will not activate.

Symbiosis will not transfer items to allies that lost their original item because they transferred it to another Pokémon (e.g., via Thief, Pickpocket, or an earlier activation of Symbiosis on the same turn). It is also unable to transfer Mega Stones to or from their corresponding Pokémon, a Griseous Orb to or from Giratina, a Drive to or from Genesect or a Plate to or from a Pokémon with Multitype.

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