Flavor Text

Ripens Berries and doubles their effect.


Held Berries that this Pokémon consumes in battle have their effects double. Berries that restore HP (e.g., Oran Berry or Sitrus Berry) restore double the amount; Berries that reduce damage (e.g., Chilan Berry or Occa Berry) reduce double the amount; Berries that raise stats (e.g., Liechi Berry, Starf Berry) double the stat increase; Berries that inflict damage (e.g., Rowap Berry or Jaboca Berry) inflict double the amount. Other Berries, Leftovers and Berry Juice are not affected by this ability (though Leftovers and Berry Juice may display a message when their effects activate).

Pokémon with Ripen as a hidden ability (2)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (2)