Sweet Scent


Base PowerPower PointsAccuracy
Effect ChancePriorityTarget
—%0All adjacent opponents

Flavor Text

A sweet scent that harshly lowers opposing Pokémon’s evasiveness. This also lures wild Pokémon if used in places such as tall grass.


Lowers the target's evasion by one stage.

Out-of-Battle Effect

If Horde Encounters are possible in the trainer's current area, automatically starts a Horde Encounter with a horde of Pokémon found in that area. Otherwise, starts a normal wild encounter with a Pokémon found in that area.

Pokémon that learn Sweet Scent by level (7)

Phoenixdex Pokémon (5)

Canon Pokémon (2)

Mega Mawile
Mega Mawile
Steel Fairy
Huge Power
Level 13