Some dazzling new (re)designs

In which I am eternally dissatisfied with the Kindelf line, and also a bunch of new stuff!

Fire Fairy

Kinda took a while to get anything new to a point where I was satisfied with it, unfortunately, but I come bearing fakemon at last! Accolanto welcomes nine new members to its pokédex: Wiggout, Fearwick, Shrymph, Skrimpish, Rocklantis, Duelantis, Melanyan, Oceluna and Panumbra. (The Shrymph line has also been submitted to the Mysteria Region community fakedex on Tumblr, which you should totally check out if you'd like to contribute some fakemon yourself!) I also finally got around to redesigning the Kindelf line yet again, and renaming the latter two stages from Halray and Asgolan to Pyrobin and Solberon. Hopefully they're a bit more Pokémon-like, and more fairy-like as well. Who knows, maybe these will last a while before I decide that they irritate me like all the previous incarnations!

The Melanyan line also comes with a few new abilities, namely Diabolate and the Panumbra-exclusive Eclipse Veil. No, I'm not planning on doing an -ate ability for every type, but I've had this particular one waiting in the wings for a while and it seemed to fit these well enough! Some other fakemon may get Diabolate somewhere down the road.

That's it from me for a while as it's NaNoWriMo time again, so I'm off to go bury my nose and injure my wrists with a different project. I'll see about getting back on track with new fakemon come December, and possibly a few extra additions to the site as well—some people have expressed interest in being able to see certain fakemon's previous designs, for example, so I'll see what I can do to put something like that up and make it interesting. Until then, farewell!