Wimp Out

Flavor Text

The Pokémon cowardly switches out when its HP becomes half or less.


When this Pokémon's current HP falls to 1/2 or lower in battle, it flees from a wild battle or switches out in a trainer battle. The trainer chooses the Pokémon's replacement after it switches out.

It can only activate when a Pokémon's HP falls from above half to below half; if it does not activate at that time, it will not activate at all (unless the Pokémon restores HP).

This ability will not activate if the Pokémon's HP falls below half due to hurting itself in confusion, Hail, Sandstorm or using Substitute. This ability will not activate if the Pokémon's HP is restored to above half immediately after it drops below half (such as due to a held Sitrus Berry).

It will activate only after the last hit of multi-strike moves, even if the Pokémon's HP drops below half before the last hit. If this ability activates due to being hit by Flip Turn, U-turn or Volt Switch, the user of that move will not be switched out.

Trapping moves do not prevent this ability from activating.

If the Pokémon holds a Red Card, both activate at the same time. If the Pokémon holds an Eject Button, the Eject Button activates before the ability has the opportunity to. Circle Throw, Dragon Tail and Magnet Switch switch out Pokémon before the ability activates.

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