Feel the chill in your bones

Something new comes crawling up out of the frozen wastes...

Definitely starting to feel close to winter where I am, so it seems like a fine time to introduce some new friends to Faelan: Skelozen, Revenice, and the mighty Draugaron. Guaranteed spooky-scary fun even after Halloween!

Note that these guys are replacing Faelan's previous Ice-type pseudolegends, the Ravigo line. The creatures they were based on are probably best not used flippantly by someone not of their cultures of origin, and on top of that I wasn't in love with their art or designs. Apologies if you'll miss Ravigo and company, but I hope you'll find Skelozen and its evolutions just as (ahem) cool.

If I'm not back before the year is out, I hope your holiday season is as enjoyable as it can be, and here's to almost being free of the interminable March that is 2020!