Skyrate's Run

Map of the Accolanto Region, Skyrate's Run markedMap of the Accolanto Region, Skyrate's Run marked


A long, once-secret tunnel with an underground river running through it. Thieves once used this cave to smuggle out stolen or illegally-mined gemstones from Charcoal City, the river’s current carrying them north all the way to Amaranth Bay; they could then slip into other boats and head out into the ocean to take their illicit goods wherever they pleased. These days the tunnel is fairly well-known and is no longer used for large scale smuggling trips, although sometimes people who make their way through it discover small trinkets and treasures that the runners left behind.

Gastrel and Skyrate did not originally live in the cave. The tunnel’s name arose because the smugglers encouraged them to move in and to the area just outside the Amaranth Bay exit, hoping that they would serve as a deterrent to rival smugglers or anyone trying to catch them.

Name Origin

after Skyrate

Pokémon found in Skyrate's Run

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Cave - - -
Gastrel / Skyrate 100% 16–29 / 30+ Walking
Surfing - - -
Larvill / Cavernolm 5% 16–49 / 50+ Surfing

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