Mega Doggo

It's about dang time, sheesh.

Mega Arcanine
Mega Arcanine
Fire Dragon
Mold Breaker

Happy new year, all! As is semi-traditional, for January I went ahead and revamped an older fakemon that was in dire need of some love. This year's Revamp January brings us the long, long overdue Mega Arcanine, finally ridding the site of that ancient artwork originally designed for an alternate Growlithe evo that didn't really make any sense. I feel much better with this good boi on the Phoenixdex instead, don't you? (I also tweaked its stats a bit to make it a little more defensive, as seems appropriate for a Pokémon based on a guardian creature. I'd like to change the ability to be a little more thematic, too, though I don't have any concrete ideas on that. Don't be surprised if it changes suddenly some day in the near future.)