Nine whole entire years, somehow

Happy ninth birthday, weird project!

Sap Sipper

Another quiet birthday, ho hum. I actually didn't have time to complete anything super shiny and new for this year's birthday update, but I did find some older fakes with art I hadn't quite finished and decided it was time to polish them up and get them online already. Sarcodire and Colgwari are legendaries! Rather simplistic ones, granted, but that was deliberate—I'd wanted to play around with something that was less "elemental" and didn't carry so much "universal" power and import, just something that might be strong and ancient and enduring and really good at what it does without being a space god. So, here we are! There may be tweaks in the future, but I'm pretty happy with them for now and they were long overdue.

For the moment, both Sarcodire and Colgwari are in Extra Fakemon rather than assigned to an actual region. Once upon a time they were meant as additions to New Logora, but as I've been reconsidering what I want to do with that region I'd rather not go through the hassle of slotting them in and adjusting all the ID numbers and making sure the region-specific lore was ready. I'm sure they'll find a proper home eventually, though!

Happy birthday, Phoenixdex! I know things have been slow lately, and unfortunately that's not going to change right away, but I'm certainly not through with you yet. And, as always, thanks to those of you who continue to drop by and look at my weird fake Pokémon. Here's to another year!