As is traditional...

Revamp January strikes again!

Time to clean up some more old nonsense, eh? Here's some fresh new art for Kuduzela, Sheleras and Josuche, as a birthday present to myself and as some tiny amount of proof that I'm not done with this place yet. (Some of you may have noticed Josuche and Sheleras's art sitting up on the site for a little while before now; got a bit too distracted to update properly, whoops.) The latter two have also had a few other small mechanical/flavor tweaks to better fit the updated designs or otherwise fix some old strangeness, in particular Sheleras's new ability Grass Cloak (now also shared by Kelfee and Drakella).

I still need to find time to handle all the Gen 8 updates, like adding new moves and abilities, updating old ones, a few stats tweaks, reminding myself how to use the script that'll automate the National Dex number updates for me, et cetera, et cetera. That may still be a while yet, but should hopefully be done within a few months, as well as another small addition to the site that I'd like to get going.

As for more substantial updates, like more actually new fakes or finally getting around to more neglected parts of my regions like characters, maps, etc.... that may be a ways off yet, unfortunately. There's a lot of stuff that needs thinking about regarding the direction of this project and figuring out what I might be motivated to do with it. The Phoenixdex isn't going anywhere no matter what--as long as I have ridiculous fakemon ideas, I'll be plastering them up here just like always! But yeah, I've definitely gotta ruminate on some things. As soon as I've got some more concrete thoughts I'll be sure to let you guys know.

Hope everyone's 2020 has been going well so far, and that it'll be a good year for all of us!