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Welcome to the Phoenixdex, a collection of Phoenixsong's fakemon, fake regions, similar projects and all of the silly extraneous information about them. The site is presented in an "online pokédex" style, mostly just because I'm a massive nerd, and should be fairly extensive. In addition to fakemon, fake regions and their ilk, there are also resources available to help anyone looking to create their own fakemon projects. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Don't know where to start? There's a random fakemon over to the right, and you can find links to information about my current major projects below. The most recent site updates are just under that if you'd like to see what's new.

Adargana, Cindigre and Swimmole
Pokédex • Characters • Locations
Lizeroon, Telerond and Guilgile
Pokédex • Characters • Locations

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Random Fakemon: Serpecidus


Regarding Generation VII

It's that time again. A new generation is upon us... and I have a bunch of work to do around here Game Freak whyyyyyy ;-;

There will be some spoilery information addressed below. The games are out in a good chunk of the world as I post this update, but if you're still in an area that hasn't had its release yet, or if you're going into the games blind, be forewarned that I talk about a lot of new stuff here!


Nine (new) Curses

A long, long overdue revamp.


It's almost summer. Guess what that means!

...all the bugs are coming out. Hooray.


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