Submarine Safari

Map of the New Logora Region, Submarine Safari markedMap of the New Logora Region, Submarine Safari marked


The Submarine Safari is a popular destination for tourists and New Logoran natives alike, providing trainers and the generally curious with a fascinating (and very reasonably-priced) opportunity to explore the bottom of Xybryle Bay and, if they're lucky, catch some rare underwater Pokémon.

About Submarine Safari

Xybryle Bay's famous Submarine Safari is run from a large ship that drops anchor by the shore every few hours to take on new participants. A Chatot flutters down to greet the next batch of visitors before leading them up the gangplank and onto the deck for a briefing with the Submarine Safari's owner, Captain Thalassa Neptune. The captain welcomes everyone aboard and then moves the ship off toward the middle of the bay, sharing a bit of the area's history and some trivia about the rare, protected wild Pokémon hiding in the depths and finally launching into an explanation of the attraction's rules. (Which, Thalassa adds with a wink, you'd best be sure to follow or you'll have to answer to Jones, the large Drasarkr that she has patrolling the area. It's his job to ensure the safety of both the visitors and the wild Pokémon. Jones doesn't much appreciate it when people break the rules.)

Those rules, Captain Thalassa says, are simple: after paying 500P and being fitted with appropriate diving gear, you are to take one Pokémon down to the bottom of the bay and explore with it. Thalassa will keep all of the others safe and dry on board with her until you return. You may battle any wild Pokémon you encounter while diving, and if you can successfully weaken those wilds then you're free to attempt to capture them with the fifteen Safari Balls (or twelve Safari Balls and three Dive Balls, for an extra 500P) you'll receive as part of your admission fee. Caught Pokémon will automatically be sent to Thalassa on the ship, where they can be given directly to you or sent to your PC as needed once you're done with your dive. Your Pokémon will not gain any experience from wilds that it knocks out, although it will heal between battles as long as it doesn't faint. Your safari game is over and you'll return to the surface after encountering five wild Pokémon, regardless of whether you successfully caught any of them; the game also ends if your diving Pokémon faints, or if you run out of Safari Balls. Once you're back on the ship, you'll return any unused Safari Balls and Thalassa will return the Pokémon you left with her.

First-timers at the Submarine Safari are required to borrow one of the captain's diving Pokémon, as she'd like to be certain that your first trip is with a Pokémon that is familiar with the area and that she's sure is capable of getting you out of trouble should anything unfortunate happen (not that it ever does, she adds, the pride obvious in her voice—this captain runs a tight ship!). Don't worry, they've all been trained to listen to the orders of whomever borrows them, at least within reason. You may continue to borrow Thalassa's Pokémon on subsequent visits to the Safari. Alternatively, if you have a Pokémon of your own that knows the move Dive, you may use your Pokémon on visits after the first, although Jones will still be keeping an eye on you during his patrols just in case. (You may still only bring one of your Pokémon with you, even if you have more than one that knows Dive.) If you need to borrow one of Thalassa's Pokémon, choose one from the selection given on her page.


Captain Thalassa likes to see other trainers who are enthusiastic about diving and exploring as many of the bay's secrets as they can. Some of the Pokémon found while diving may know special moves they couldn't normally learn on their own (i.e., egg moves). Trainers who can successfully capture one of these Pokémon and show it to the captain will be rewarded with HM06 Dive so they can begin exploring Xybryle Bay and beyond on their own. She'll also give them some of the same sort of basic diving equipment she loans to people heading down for the Safari—no sense letting you keep an HM if you can't breathe underwater to use it!

Pokémon found in Submarine Safari

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Sharpedo 30% 30+ Diving
Kelfee / Drakella 15% 25–30 / 31+ Diving
Clauncher / Clawitzer 15% 25–36 / 37+ Diving
Skrelp / Dragalge 15% 25–47 / 48+ Diving
Freye / Floundirt 10% 25–26 / 27+ Diving
Octillery 10% 25+ Diving
Raidnarr / Drasarkr 4% 28–41 / 42+ Diving
Wyrmal / Ventorm 1% 25–34 / 35+ Diving

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