Route NL6

Map of the New Logora Region, Route NL6 markedMap of the New Logora Region, Route NL6 marked


Even if you're able to catch a boat, Route 6 is one of New Logora's longer sea routes. Those intending to swim or surf the length of the route are in for an ordeal, though the dozens of swimming trainers encountered along the way offer plenty of sparring partners for aquatic Pokémon.

Pokémon found in Route NL6

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Surfing - - -
Latikrai / Kraitra 50% 18–33 / 34+ Surfing
Latikrai / Sharpedo 45% 18–29 / 30+ Surfing
Aeolagio 5% 20+ Surfing
Fishing - - -
Latikrai / Blue-striped Basculin 75% 10–19 / 20+ Fishing
Clauncher / Clawitzer 25% 10–36 / 37+ Fishing

Nearby Locations

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