Route NL21

Map of the New Logora Region, Route NL21 markedMap of the New Logora Region, Route NL21 marked


Trainers must return to the Falantr Docks and present their full badge cases to the guards on duty in order to access this long and tiring ocean route. A ferry service does run between the docks and Adar Zilira, but the Pokémon League requires trainers to cross the route on their own as a test of strength. Tough wild Pokémon are prolific here, as are other aspiring champions making their way north.

Pokémon found in Route NL21

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Surfing - - -
Latikrai / Kraitra 50% 18–33 / 34+ Surfing
Latikrai / Sharpedo 45% 18–29 / 30+ Surfing
Aeolagio 4% 20+ Surfing
Lapras 1% 20+ Surfing
Fishing - - -
Latikrai / Blue-striped Basculin 75% 10–19 / 20+ Fishing
Skrelp / Dragalge 25% 10–47 / 48+ Fishing

Nearby Locations

  North: Alniraz Ruins  
West: N/A Route NL21 East: N/A
  South: Route NL12 / Falantr Docks  
Other Nearby Places: N/A