Route NL19

Map of the New Logora Region, Route NL19 markedMap of the New Logora Region, Route NL19 marked


Route 19 leads out of the oppressive Jarovesu Badlands (or from underneath it via the Jarovesu Tunnel) and northeast toward Fractura City. It is still quite uncomfortable, especially in the afternoons, but trainers put up with the heat and the Pokémon in order to move forward with their journeys.

Pokémon found in Route NL19

The roads leading through central Krtuso are constantly baking in the rays of the sun. All battles on this route will begin under the effect of an indefinite-duration Sunny Day.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Sandile / Krokorok / Krookodile 35% 5–28 / 29–39 / 40+ Walking
Numel / Camerupt 20% 5–33 / 34+ Walking
Galorindle / Galaraud 20% 5–36 / 37+ Walking
Drilbur / Excadrill 10% 5–30 / 31+ Walking
Slugma / Magcargo 10% 5–37 / 38+ Walking
Tianglis / Mandicore 5% 7–24 / 25+ Walking

Nearby Locations

  North: Fractura City  
West: N/A Route NL19 East: N/A
  South: Jarovesu Badlands  
Other Nearby Places: N/A