Route NL18

Map of the New Logora Region, Route NL18 markedMap of the New Logora Region, Route NL18 marked


Leave Etaoin City and travelers will find themselves on the edge of a scorching badland. It is only a short walk along Route 18 to the Jarovesu Badlands proper; travelers who want to avoid most of the heat can cut underneath the badlands via the Jarovesu Tunnel.

Pokémon found in Route NL18

The roads leading through central Krtuso are constantly baking in the rays of the sun. All battles on this route will begin under the effect of an indefinite-duration Sunny Day.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Numel / Camerupt 30% 12–33 / 34+ Walking
Sandile / Krokorok / Krookodile 25% 12–28 / 29–39 / 40+ Walking
Pindillo / Charandillo 20% 12–28 / 29+ Walking
Galorindle / Galaraud 15% 12–36 / 37+ Walking
Numel / Heatmor 5% 12–19 / 20+ Walking
Slugma / Durant 5% 12–19 / 20+ Walking

Nearby Locations

  North: Jarovesu Badlands  
West: N/A Route NL18 East: N/A
  South: Etaoin City  
Other Nearby Places: N/A