Jarovesu Badlands

Map of the New Logora Region, Jarovesu Badlands markedMap of the New Logora Region, Jarovesu Badlands marked


The stretch of arid, uneven terrain known as the Jarovesu Badlands is unbearably hot and dangerous, and it is considered unfit for prolonged human habitation. That doesn't stop the slew of Fire Pokémon that live in the area, however, and apparently it didn't stop the Tanoby—Tanoby carvings have been found among Jarovesu's hills, caves and even around the base of the dormant Mt. Etseln as well, and a few Unown along with them. On top of all the seismic and geothermal activity there have been reports of unusual falling stars and meteorites in the skies over the malpaís.

Most people who want to move between Etaoin and Fractura make use of the Jarovesu Tunnel connecting Routes 18 and 19. The underground pass is cooler, safer and generally free of Pokémon, though the maintenance crews do sometimes have trouble with a few wilds sneaking in.

Name Origin

Mt. Kilimanjaro + Mt. Vesuvius

Pokémon found in Jarovesu Badlands

The open flatlands and treacherous heights of the badlands, as with the rest of central Krtuso, are constantly baking in the rays of the sun. All battles in the flatlands and heights will begin under the effect of an indefinite-duration Sunny Day.


Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Numel / Camerupt 30% 12–33 / 34+ Walking
Vulkhet / Nekhetura 25% 12–31 / 32+ Walking
Slugma / Magcargo 20% 12–37 / 38+ Walking
Virlich 15% 12+ Walking
Fallorite 5% 12+ Walking
Virlich / Sparcoil 5% 12–19 / 20+ Walking


Only those with permission from the Revivalists are permitted into this area and beyond. Volunteering to help the Revivalists with some of their ongoing work is usually a good way to get started.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Slugma / Magcargo 35% 25–37 / 38+ Walking
Fallorite 30% 25+ Walking
Heatmor 20% 28+ Walking
Torranel 10% 28+ Walking
Unown (K, L, N, O, Q) 5% 25+ Walking

Highland Cave/Shrine

Magcargo will evolve into Ignelix if leveled up in this area.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Unown (K, L, N, O, Q) 99% 30+ Walking
Unown (!, ?) 1% 30+ Walking

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