Fulgurok Mountains

Map of the New Logora Region, Fulgurok Mountains markedMap of the New Logora Region, Fulgurok Mountains marked


Most of the mighty Fulgurok mountain range is too difficult for the average trainer to traverse, but the mountain paths that are accessible provide a treasure trove of powerful Electric Pokémon drawn there by the storms. It isn't uncommon to see a few Unown hovering around near some of the mysterious carvings in the rock faces and caves.

Climb higher up and the storm clouds give way to snow clouds. These peaks are the only places in New Logora where most Ice-types are found naturally, and many trainers brave the cold for just that reason.

About Fulgurok Mountains

Most of the many mountains in the Fulgurok Range are of little interest to anyone other than hardcore mountain climbers, but a few are well-known around the region. Mt. Ovejanegras, for example, hosts a great many Mareep and Flaaffy herds on its slopes, and long ago it was possible to see the wild Ramfere that gave the mountain its name. The mighty Mt. Distrike is similarly said to be home to a fairly large population of the rare Finnial, although the sheer face and dangerous storms make searching for them there unsafe and impractical. Mt. Bonaventura is a fairly low peak by comparison, but that makes its icy wild Pokémon slightly more accessible—the famous 19th century explorer, Ferdinand Bonaventura, had a miraculous chance run-in with one and subsequently gave the mountain his name.

The tallest of all, the Howling Mountain, is the peak whose caverns house the mysterious Tanoby shrine. It is said that it was once home to a powerful legendary Pokémon that often scaled its heights and cried out in a great, booming voice from its peak, a sound at once so frightening and so majestic that it inspired many poems and works of art. Now that the legendary Pokémon has disappeared the peak is as silent as its fellows, the only sounds the constant peals of thunder from the storms that surround it.

Name Origin

fulgur, Latin for "lightning" + rock

Pokémon found in Fulgurok Mountains

Low Slopes

This area is often beset by heavy rainstorms. If it is raining when you arrive here, all battles in the low slopes will begin under the effect of an indefinite-duration Rain Dance.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Mareep / Flaaffy / Ampharos 35% 12–14 / 15–29 / 30+ Walking
Nuwill 20% 12+ Walking
Helioptile 15% 12+ Walking
Humbuzz / Klaitning 15% 12–24 / 25+ Walking
Thunderma 14% 14+ Walking
Finnial 1% 12–20 Walking


Only those with permission from the Revivalists are permitted into this area and beyond. Volunteering to help the Revivalists with some of their ongoing work is usually a good way to get started.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Transmite 40% 28+ Walking
Pachirisu 35% 25+ Walking
Donarith 20% 28+ Walking
Unown (C, J, P, U) 5% 25+ Walking

Deep Caverns/Shrine

Pachirisu and Flaaffy will evolve (into Marazuma and Ramfere, respectively) if leveled up in this area. Flaaffy will evolve into Ramfere even if it is level 30 or above and would otherwise evolve into Ampharos.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Unown (C, J, P, U) 99% 30+ Walking
Unown (!, ?) 1% 30+ Walking

Low Peaks

The low peaks of the Fulguroks are often covered in snow, and more of the white stuff falls from the sky fairly frequently. If it is snowing when you arrive here, all battles in the low peaks will begin under the effect of an indefinite-duration Hail.

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Invicunya / Heladalca 30% 13–37 / 38+ Walking
Meditite / Medicham 30% 13–36 / 37+ Walking
Snorunt / Glalie 25% 13–41 / 42+ Walking
Invicunya / Rakateis 5% 13–19 / 20+ Walking
Snorunt / Cryogonal 5% 13–24 / 25+ Walking
Cubly 5% 15–20 Walking

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