Etaoin City

Map of the New Logora Region, Etaoin City markedMap of the New Logora Region, Etaoin City marked


Etaoin City is fairly small as cities go, though it used to be much busier than it is now. There was a Pokémon gym here, but it was shut down some time ago; without the gym to attract trainers, most people don't bother staying in this hot, dusty city for long. Etaoin's only big draw these days is its small Tanoby shrine, nearly identical to the one found in Shrdlu Town, where special events are sometimes held. Efforts are being made to renovate the abandoned gym and turn it into some sort of battle hall as well.

Name Origin

ETAOIN SHRDLU, a common nonsense phrase resulting from printer error in old printing presses

Nearby Locations

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