Alniraz Ruins

Map of the New Logora Region, Alniraz Ruins markedMap of the New Logora Region, Alniraz Ruins marked


Alniraz was once the capital of ancient Logora, a sprawling city whose inhabitants were dedicated to the study of the Tanoby's mystic arts and the veneration of a powerful Pokémon that has long since vanished. Its days of resplendence are behind it now, but its hidden secrets still attract historians... and its new status as the New Logora League's Victory Road draws many would-be Champions. Trainers must work their way along twisted streets and between crumbling buildings, all while fending off attacks from the strong wild Pokémon that have made their nests in the ruins. Those who emerge on the other side have proven themselves worthy of challenging the Elite Four. Just take care not to disturb too much during your battles—there might still be something watching over the once-glorious Alniraz...

Name Origin

a traditional Tanoby name (chosen specifically so that it began with "A" and ended with "Z")

Pokémon found in Alniraz Ruins


Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Donphan 20% 40+ Walking
Xatu 15% 40+ Walking
Hawlucha 15% 38+ Walking
Onzarudo 15% 38+ Walking
Ibazel 10% 40+ Walking
Petrocka 10% 38+ Walking
Sigilyph 5% 38+ Walking
Quarendou 5% 40+ Walking
Mandicore 5% 38+ Walking

Buildings and Alleyways

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Transmite 25% 38+ Walking
Tianglis 25% 38+ Walking
Galaraud 15% 40+ Walking
Malraja 10% 40+ Walking
Bitemare 10% 40+ Walking
Ostento 5% 40+ Walking
Sigilyph 5% 38+ Walking
Unown (A, Z) 5% 30+ Walking

Secret Building/Shrine

The few people who claim to have seen this place don't seem to remember how they got there, so this area is largely considered inaccessible. Maybe someone will figure out how to get there and what really waits within...

Pokémon Rarity Level Range Encounter Method
Unown (A, Z) 99% 30+ Walking
Unown (!, ?) 1% 30+ Walking

Nearby Locations

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  South: Route NL21  
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