Neptune Ferries

As New Logora is an archipelago, getting around without a boat or a Pokémon that can Fly, Surf or Teleport can be difficult. Neptune Ferries is the answer to that dilemma. This service is run by the eight siblings of the Neptune family, all experienced captains responsible for the fleet of boats and ships that sail out from a different part of the region.

  • Atlaua's fleet typically runs routes around Brol Island; he specifically spends most of his time along Route 2.
  • Mazu typically works from Kronea Island, especially around Route 6.
  • Llyr and his ships usually birth in southern Tilnen Island, and the captain's own ship most often runs along Route 11
  • Vellamo's ships are based on Xybryle Island, and she usually runs her own craft along Route 15.
  • Vellamo's twin brother Varuna works from Krtuso Island, especially along Route 20.
  • Sedna runs a special service that carries passengers along Route 21, to Adar Zilira, Victory Road and the New Logora League Headquarters. Trainers participating in the League are usually not allowed to use this ferry; it's reserved for people on official business.
  • Thalassa used to run the Route 21 ships, but she's since retired from active ferrying duty and instead runs the Submarine Safari.
  • Olokun does not run a normal ferry route like his siblings; instead, he runs a private service that carries people and cargo to more specific, and sometimes top-secret, destinations.

Most of the normal ferry ships can carry a trainer from any port to any other port, of course. The fees are generally quite reasonable (although they increase along with the distance you intend to travel), and Captain Atlaua even instated a policy that allows brand-new trainers to take their first ride for free.

Name Origins

All eight of the Neptunes are named after various sea/ocean/water deities (no, their names are not Tanoby, bizarre as they may sound to those unfamiliar with the mythologies those deities came from). Their main Pokémon are typically named after mythical sea creatures, save for most of Thalassa's, which are named after famous pirates.