Basic Info

Full Name: Voltaire du Fay
Name Origin:

Voltaire: volt; du Fay: C.F. du Fay, French chemist who discovered positive and negative electrical charges

Age: 25
Location: Fractura City, New Logora
Role: Champion
Type Specialty: Electric


You'd think impaired vision would preclude someone becoming a top-ranked Pokémon master, but Voltaire's quiet determination and some help from a special Transmite have allowed him to earn his place at the pinnacle of the League. The same electricity that helps him get around is the electricity that'll be striking your team like lightning, and you'll have to find a way to contend with it if you want to become Champion.

About Voltaire

Yes, Voltaire is blind. Yes, he's been that way since birth. And yes, he is the League Champion and his Pokémon will probably eat your team for breakfast. The Transmite always perched on his shoulder has been specially trained to transmit signals his brain can interpret as shapes and movement with astonishing accuracy, so he can still keep pace with even the most frenetic championship battles. When he first received his Transmite he was fascinated by the way its electricity effectively enabled him to "see", fueling a life-long interest in Electric-types. He's very easygoing for someone who trains such energetic Pokémon, preferring to sit back, relax and maybe joke around with his friends rather than keep busy, but don't let the nonchalant attitude fool you. Voltaire likes to know exactly what's going on around him, and very little escapes his notice.

Voltaire's Pokémon

Guide Pokémon

This Transmite has been trained as an experimental guide Pokémon that helps Voltaire "see" the world around him via electrical impulses. As it is an assistive Pokémon, Voltaire is allowed to keep it with him, perched on his shoulder, in addition to his standard team of six.