Basic Info

Full Name: Thalassa Neptune
Name Origin:

Thalassa: a primordial Greek sea goddess; Neptune: the Roman sea god

Age: 45
Location: Rune City, New Logora


After retiring from the special Route 21 ferry route, Thalassa set up her own special safari game in the depths of Xybryle Bay. She's got an interest in diving in general, and she might be willing to help trainers explore the depths on their own if they can impress her in the Safari.

About Thalassa

The oldest of the Neptune siblings, Captain Thalassa used to head the special Neptune Ferries service that traveled from Xybryle to Adar Zilira; that route has since fallen to Sedna, leaving Thalassa with enough time to pursue a different career. She now runs the famous Submarine Safari game from her boat, the Dragonshead, in Xybryle Bay. Trainers pay a small fee to rent one of Thalassa's special Pokémon, used to dive down into the bay and capture rare undersea oddities. Those who are particularly good at the game might find Thalassa willing to teach some of their own Pokémon the move Dive.

Thalassa owns a veritable aquarium of Water-types, most of which are specially trained for exploring the bottom of the bay and helping trainers catch their quarry. She keeps a large Drasarkr, Jones, for herself, and sometimes rides on his back while keeping watch over the Safari.

Thalassa's Pokémon

Submarine Safari Rentals

These are Thalassa's usual rentals: Morgan, Read, Killigrew, Drake, Kidd, Rackham, Bonny and Roberts.

Safari Security

Jones is pretty well-behaved for a Drasarkr, but only as long as you're following the rules!