Basic Info

Full Name: Siegfried Gunnarsson
Name Origin:

Siegfried: Siegfried the Norse dragonslayer; Gunnarsson: means "son of Gunnar" (both Siegfried and Gunnar were warriors in the Norse epic The Niebelungenlied)

Age: 36
Location: Rune City, New Logora
Role: Elite Four
Type Specialty: Dragon


He may be a little reserved outside of battle, but once your Pokémon League challenge has begun you'll find Siegfried a terrifying opponent. His mighty dragons have no qualms about razing your team like Vikings raze villages.

About Siegfried

Widely respected for his mastery over dangerous oceanic Dragon-types—a skill and an aura of absolute command that has seen him rise from the ranks of tough gym leader to brutally powerful member of the Elite Four—Siegfried has a reputation as quite the fearsome trainer. Even the man himself is intimidating, sporting wild red hair, piercing eyes and a favorite rugged, fur-lined cloak that calls to mind the Nordic warriors from whom he claims descent. Most people are surprised to learn that he's fairly reserved and taciturn underneath that big hunk of Viking terror (just what has him so broody is a popular topic among the starry-eyed young ladies who follow the gossip surrounding league officials), and very little, short of his regular half-serious but very loud arguments with Hercules, can get him properly riled up.