Professor Taxus

Professor Taxus

Basic Info

Full Name: Racyf Taxus
Name Origin:

Racyf: a traditional Tanoby name; Taxus: genus name of the yew tree

Age: 50
Location: Shrdlu Town, New Logora
Role: Professor


Professor Taxus has contributed to many fields, but his favorite area of study by far is that of man-made Pokémon. When he's not overseas searching for Bronzor or Klink, he's often researching Tanoby history with the Revivalists.

About Professor Taxus

You'd be hard-pressed to find a New Logoran Pokémon professor whose name carries more weight than Racyf Taxus. He has contributed mountains of work to several fields of Pokémon research and many still consider his papers the definitive sources in their respective areas. Over the past two decades Taxus has dedicated himself to researching Pokémon with unusual connections to humans. His most prominent subjects are the enigmatic Unown, not least because of their intricate connection to the region and to his Tanoby ancestors, but he is interested in everything from Porygon to Baltoy to Yamask. Many of these Pokémon are only found overseas and so Taxus is often away doing field research in far-off regions, leaving the care of his own specimens and his Shrdlu Town lab to his mostly-competent assistant, Edison.

When Professor Taxus is working in New Logora, he's often cooped up in his office with several computer monitors, innumerable stacks of books and papers and one or two of his current subjects wandering around in what little walking space is left. He's very absorbed in his work during the day, but when visitors do manage to chat him up they'll find him a quiet, agreeable man with an easy smile. Where possible he always makes sure to fit in some time with the Revivalists as well.

It should be noted that Professor Taxus does not generally distribute starter Pokémon; he's far too busy to worry about maintaining a league license to do so. Most trainers starting out in New Logora visit Gadari in Leddin Town instead.