New Logoran Characters

New Logora is home to many interesting people, from its renowned researchers to the mysterious Tanoby Revivalists, and this page will introduce you to the noteworthy ones. Major characters have their own pages, linked in the section immediately following. After that, the minor characters are introduced alphabetically by their most commonly used name/nickname.

Major Characters

  • Daphne
  • New Logoran Elite Four Member
  • Gadari
  • Revivalist and starter Pokémon distributor
  • Martin
  • New Logoran Elite Four Member
Professor Taxus
  • Sierra
  • New Logoran Elite Four Member
  • Voltaire
  • New Logora Pokémon League Champion

Other Characters

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  • Full Name: Atlaua Neptune
  • Age: 41

Captain Atlaua, second oldest of the Neptune clan, has never been particularly adventurous or ambitious, which is probably why he tends to stick to a shorter ferry route than his brothers and sisters do. Atlaua's boat, the Hydra, usually carries passengers across the relatively short Route 2 between Brol and Kronea, delegating other trips from Brol to other Neptune Ferries employees. He's a kind man—the complimentary ferry rides for new trainers leaving Brol Island were his idea—but he is easily intimidated and has been bullied into giving free rides that really shouldn't have been free. He's even been outright robbed once or twice. He does have a Kraitra, Bakunawa, to serve as something of a bodyguard, but as he often forgets to leave her out of her Poké Ball she's unable to do much to help matters.


  • Full Name: Ferdinand Bonaventura
  • Age: Deceased

Dashing, devil-may-care explorer Ferdinand Bonaventura was quite the adventurer right around the turn of the 20th century, and the journals recounting his exploits around the region are very popular reading. Bonaventura is credited with making so many amazing discoveries and meeting so many curious Pokémon throughout his career that quite a few things around New Logora are named after him: one of the peaks in the Fulgurok Mountains is called Mt. Bonaventura, the Milotic River running along Route 3 is also often called the Ferdinand River, and the University of New Logora at Versorecto's famous paleontology department is housed in the Ferdinand Bonaventura Building. There was even an animated television series based on his travels that aired back in the 90's. There are some people who think he may have exaggerated—just a little—when recounting his adventures, but even so he remains a fascinating figure. More than one child has claimed that they want to be a daring explorer just like him when they grow up.

Bonaventura was almost always accompanied by his faithful sidekick, a slightly slow-witted young man affectionately called "Dingbat" Helmsley, wherever his adventures took him.


  • Full Name: Brigham Bruckner
  • Age: 55

Brigham Bruckner, the self-styled Brilliant Bridge Builder, is the latest in a line of architects who have attempted to build and rebuild the often-troubled Xybryle Bridge on Route 13. This iteration is the sturdiest to date and everyone is hoping that it marks the last of the major construction work on the route; according to Brigham himself, however, it isn't quite finished yet. He spends his days pacing sections of the bridge, staring hard at parts of it and trying to envision the perfect aesthetic finishing touches for them—that is, when he isn't distracted by the gangs of rowdy vandals that insist on graffitiing up his masterwork.


  • Full Name: Connor Tisdale
  • Age: 30

Connor is the smiling, shifty proprietor of Fabulous Items 'R' Us, a small, out-of-the-way shop in Dia City. The store's usual selection is... interesting, to say the least, but Connor insists that it takes a truly talented trainer to grasp the real value of incredibly useful items like Sticky Barbs and Iron Balls. No one really believes him, of course, but he does see some business from time to time because the Berserk Genes he sells are a much easier way to evolve a Buneary into a Jackravage or a Basculin into a Siamacho than the natural alternative. The Berserk Genes sell so well, in fact, that he's hard-pressed to keep them in ready supply, so if you stop in he may ask for your help in securing more raw materials. Nothing dangerous, of course, it's a very simple little errand...

He does, incidentally, know that you are thinking that he might have some affiliation with a certain group that used to be active in Kanto and Johto, and he would like to tell you that he is gravely offended by this completely baseless insinuation that could not possibly be further from the truth. How rude of you.


  • Full Name: Aloysius "Dingbat" Helmsley
  • Age: Deceased

Dashing turn-of-the-century explorers are nothing without their loyal sidekicks, and as such Ferdinand Bonaventura rarely went on adventures without his companion, "Dingbat" Helmsley. Young Mr. Helmsley wasn't said to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, hence his nickname. He was apparently quite unlucky as well if the number of times Bonaventura had to save him from angry Pokémon or adventuring accidents is anything to go by.

By and large Bonaventura got all of the glory for the duo's exploits, but Dingbat did claim to have had an adventure of his own in the Brol Island cave now named after him.


  • Full Name: Edison Yarrow
  • Age: 26

Edison is an aspiring Pokémon researcher currently assisting Professor Taxus in Shrdlu Town. He spends most of his time poring over books, sifting through the Internet and tracking down people for the professor to interview, the better to catalogue more information about the nature of man-made Pokémon. Edison is also responsible for watching over the lab's specimens whenever the professor is away conducting those interviews or out doing field research. He takes excellent care of them, too, but a combination of the Pokémon's mischief and Edison's clumsiness often results in several getting loose and leading him on chases through the town.


  • Full Name: Evten Vargas
  • Age: 47

New Logora doesn't run itself, and it doesn't run by Governor Voclain's input alone, either, so Lieutenant Governor Evten Vargas is a very busy woman. Even in the midst of her usual tangle of new legislation this and budget cuts that, however, she finds time to remain active with the Revivalists and serves as one of the group's leaders. Recently she's been pushing the governor to lend his support to the Revivalists and so help speed their latest hopeful progress along, although how much she has actually explained to him is anyone's guess. What is clear is that, should the upcoming election swing his way, the next four years will be Voclain's final term in office... but nothing's stopping the lieutenant governor from running for governor proper come next term, and the better she and the Revivalists look when that time rolls around, the better Evten's chances will be.


  • Full Name: Fiorella Hunter
  • Age: How dare you ask a lady her age? >|

Between chasing around behind a big family and tending to a greenhouse full of carefully-cultivated and energetic Grass-types—not to mention all of her mentoring work with her Elite Four successor, Daphne—how on earth does Fiorella find the time to look so fabulous? Some say it's the rigorous pilates routine and the daily walks through the fresh and airy Denath Plains, others wonder whether her plant Pokémon really do produce some sort of miraculous natural beauty solution, but she insists that it's all about the attitude. You're as beautiful as you believe you are, honey, and the harder you believe it the more it'll shine through and knock the rest of the world for a loop. If she leaves no other legacy in this world she wants to be sure that all of New Logora's ladies know that they can look as fantastic as they want to look, no matter their style or their Pokémon preference, tall or short, thin or wide, young or... aaand Fiorella would like you to stop that train of thought right there, thank you very much.


  • Full Name: Jacques du Fay
  • Age: 15

People expect a lot of things from you when you're the younger brother of a Pokémon League Champion. Jacques isn't sure he's ready to live up to all that yet, mostly because he's too busy struggling to keep his own Pokémon in line. The Transmite he uses to help him get around is... willful, to put it lightly, and he always seems to lose it without someone to help him track it down. It's not doing much for poor Jacques's confidence, but Voltaire seems to think there's some potential in him yet.


  • Full Name: Liruda Lochlan
  • Age: 44

Anyone with any interest in New Logora's storied past will recognize Dr. Liruda Lochlan instantly. She is widely considered one of the region's foremost authorities on Tanoby archaeology and hosts a popular history television show, ''Uncovering the Unknown'', in addition to appearing as a consulting expert on several documentaries. She even served as Director of the Department of Antiquities for a while, but she stepped down several years ago so she could devote a bit more time to the show and to her work as a leader of the Revivalists. In spite of her full schedule Liruda remains a calm, approachable person who is always willing to talk for a while and lend a patient ear. Shooting a TV show is always hectic, of course, and on top of that she has to put up with Naritanu at the Revivalist meetings and the constant friction between her son and her husband at home, so patience is something she's learned to keep in pretty high supply.


  • Full Name: Richard Mantell
  • Age: 40

Dr. Richard Mantell, one of the heads of the University of New Logora at Versorecto's paleontology department, often leads groups of students and other paleontologists out to do fieldwork. Of late he's been overseeing the excavations going on at the Fulgurok Island site, where a recent windfall discovery of Crest Fossils is keeping his team very busy. He's not only interested in the fossils themselves but in what the Pokémon they came from were like in life, and so he's often on the lookout for capable trainers who might be interested in caring for a revived specimen. Those who've managed to overcome Dr. Mantell's wife and son in a difficult gym battle are probably pretty well qualified for the job, for a start...


  • Full Name: Mazu Neptune
  • Age: 37

Captain Mazu is usually in charge of the ferries leaving Kronea Island, especially those running from Route 5, but whenever she can get away with it she leaves the actual running of the boat to one of her employees—you're far more likely to catch her trailing a line off the side as the Champ heads out into open water. She's a master angler who spends most of her spare time fishing, in fact, on the ferry, on the docks or off the back of her Lapras, Ceirean. She boasts numerous record-breaking catches and is looking forward to the fantastic fish the next generation of fisherpeople will be landing. In fact, she's happy to give promising young anglers a head start by sharing one of her spare rods with them.


  • Full Name: Naritanu
  • Age: 14

Naritanu is by far the youngest of the Revivalist leaders at only fourteen, not that you'd know it if you talked to him. Given his eternally cranky attitude, constant withering glare and blatant refusal to socialize with others his own age, you'd half expect him to be waving a cane and threatening kids who don't stay off his lawn. He insists that he doesn't have time for all the frivolous things children like to do anyway. He prefers to spend his days either in his Baaresa Town workshop, where he makes mysterious Logos Stones by hand, or out in the mountains collecting suitable rocks with his Sableye. Naritanu comes from a family of master Logos Stone craftspeople and is one of the last in the business who does things in the traditional way; the perceived decline in the quality and integrity in his trade only serves to make him even more irritable. Some people have tried to tell him that he might see more support for his work if he'd tone his prices down just a shade. Those people usually leave his shop with their ears ringing from a tirade about the true value of masterful works of art, and perhaps with a few Sableye clawmarks on their faces as well.


  • Full Name: Sedna Neptune
  • Age: 34

Captain Sedna's boat, the Sea Eagle, traverses Route 21 and carries passengers between the Falantr Docks and Adar Zilira. Most of her customers have official business with the Pokémon League; championship hopefuls are usually not allowed to board, as challengers are required to prove themselves by actually surfing the length of the route. Sedna has felt a little out of place there ever since she took the job from her older sister, Thalassa. Her only Pokémon, Raesvelg the Osgrave, is not especially strong and sometimes has trouble keeping wild Pokémon away from the boat, and she's had to borrow a few extra Pokémon from her siblings for extra help. While she won't ferry trainers across the route, she will occasionally ask for a battle in the interest of toughening Raesvelg up.


  • Full Name: Treg
  • Age: 38

Treg is often chosen to be the public face of the Revivalists, even with Gadari, Dr. Lochlan, Professor Taxus and Lt. Gov. Vargas's respective claims to fame, and it's not hard to see why. He's a bear of a man but is as friendly and energetic as they come, always willing to chat with anyone who has questions and to greet new people with a handshake that'll bend your fingers out of shape. He wants nothing more than to see New Logora return to its original bounty and works toward that goal whenever he can. When he isn't pounding the pavement in search of additional help you'll find him right out in the middle of a job with the volunteers, beaming right through all the toil and keeping everyone's morale up by sheer force of enthusiasm. Several of the other Revivalists (most notably Naritanu) aren't happy about the carelessness that occasionally results from that overenthusiasm, or about his hasty and less-than-conservative recruiting ideas. Then again his day job is working as an insurance underwriter, so you can't blame him for spicing up his life by devoting himself to something a little more exciting.


  • Full Name: Trelni
  • Age: 10

Trelni is a bright and bubbly little girl who has only just received her trainer's license and is eager to learn as much as she can about being a good partner and friend to her Pokémon. When she isn't looking for a few practice battles or following her father Treg around on his Revivalist duties, she likes to help Asher in the Denath Village Gym. The original idea was for Trelni to learn more about being a trainer by helping him care for his Pokémon and organizing and observing his battles with gym challengers, but these days the position is a bit less "secretary/Pokémon caretaker" and more "Mr. Asher's memory when he forgets things" in general. She doesn't seem to mind.


  • Full Name: Vellamo Neptune
  • Age: 38

The ferries that travel from the Route 14 area are the tightest-run ships in the Neptune Ferries fleet, due in no small part to the crew's respect for—or, more likely, fear of—Captain Vellamo. Vellamo is loud, headstrong and does not suffer fools gladly; even if she's the one who actually made the mistake, by the time she's done shouting you'll be all but convinced that you're the one who fouled things up somewhere and so grievously inconvenienced her. The name of her own ship, the Floating Paradise, is a bit difficult to take at face value when there's almost always someone being lambasted on deck. At least her Halirth, Jasconius, is a lot more patient and a lot less generally unpleasant than his trainer, but as he can't usually do much other than swim along beside the boat and look as exasperated as a flatfish can, you'd be best served taking some earplugs along on your ferry ride.


  • Full Name: Felicia Zelkova
  • Age: 28

Felicia Zelkova is one of the youngest Pokémon professors working at UNLV, only a few years out of grad school but already renowned for some groundbreaking contributions to the field of Pokémon paleontology. She says that working with extinct Pokémon and uncovering their many secrets has been a lifelong dream of hers, and that as a child she often fantasized about hiking through forests and quarries and finding deposits full of breathtaking fossils just waiting to be unearthed.

Unfortunately for Professor Zelkova and her original dreams she and the outdoors vehemently disagree on a lot of things, like "sunburns" and "no toilets" and "actually standing up straight on uneven terrain for more than five seconds before taking a digger into a pile of rocks". Instead she spends most of her time in the university labs studying and preparing the specimens the field teams bring back. The dig sites' loss has turned out to be the lab's gain, and Professor Zelkova's studious work has resulted in a fantastic fossil revival process that can bring long-lost Pokémon back to life just as well as any similar solution in the eastern regions. The process doesn't seem to work on ancient Pokémon that were probably not Rock-types, so interim solutions need to be found to study Pokémon like those, but she's convinced she's well on track to solve that little mystery.