Basic Info

Full Name: Monica Nott
Name Origin:

Monica: demonic; Nott: Nótt, Norse personification of night

Age: 29
Location: Szlazan City, New Logora
Role: Gym Leader
Type Specialty: Dark
Gym Leader Title: The Wily Shadow Queen
Gym Badge: Murk Badge
Gym TM(s):


Monica's all business, both in the gym and when it comes to her grand plans for sleepy little Szlazan City. Don't let your guard down, or your team will be dispatched with ruthless efficiency.

About Monica

Ever the opportunist, Monica jumped on the chance to open her Dark-type gym when Etaoin City's leader announced his retirement. Szlazan City seemed like a strange location for the new facility, its quiet, traditional sensibilities very much at odds with Monica's drive and energy, but she made her designs crystal clear as soon as she'd moved into the interim arena: trainers like gyms, and trainers like exploring dusty old ruins like the Acoatyl Tower, and if you could somehow combine the two you'd have the entertainment attraction of the century. Think of the visitors it would bring in! Think of how challengers would love to battle in a grand, ancient room watched over by flocks of Murkrow and the eerie gazes of the enigmatic Unown! Think of the opportunities for guided tours and expensive souvenirs!

The locals are a little less than thrilled about her interest in the tower, but it's not like they can really keep denying her access for long, right? She's even 1/64th Tanoby on her mother's side, probably, and of course it's important to keep the relic's best interests at heart, probably. It's like they're family, Monica and the locals and the tower. And why should family want to stand in the way of good business?