Basic Info

Full Name: Martin Swift
Name Origin:

martins and swifts are both types of bird

Age: 42
Location: Szlazan City, New Logora
Role: Elite Four
Type Specialty: Flying


They call Martin "the Bird Man", and for good reason—not only does he study bird Pokémon for a living, but he has a whole flock of them ready to put your team to the test at the Pokémon League.

About Martin

Elite Four member Martin could theoretically sweep his challengers with just about any Flying Pokémon he chose, but it is the avian fliers that have always held a special place in his heart (and all the places on his battling team). Martin is even formally trained as a Pokémon ornithologist and has been studying the ecology and behavior of bird Pokémon for many years. Recently he's been spending much of his free time observing the flocks of birds and other Flying-types that roost in Szlazan City, often stopping passing trainers to talk about their Pokémon and to ask whether they might have been inside the mysterious Acoatyl Tower. He does have a tendency to mix a lot of scientific terminology, some aviation jargon and the occasional near-Shakespearean soliloquy about the grace of a gliding Nekhetura into his conversations, but if you can follow what he's talking about—or at least ride it out with a few appropriately-timed smiles and nods—he'll be happy to give you something for your trouble.