Basic Info

Full Name: Hercules Anthony
Name Origin:

Hercules: Hercules beetle; Anthony: ant or antenna

Age: 33
Location: Rune City, New Logora
Role: Gym Leader
Type Specialty: Bug
Gym Leader Title: The Brawny Bug Brawler
Gym Badge: Elytra Badge
Gym TM(s):


Nobody calls Hercules "short"—they've seen what he can do during his workouts, and they'd rather he not physically throw them out of his gym. Not that his big, bad Bug-types are going to go any easier on them, of course.

About Hercules

Hercules Anthony is a big man. He's got a big voice, a big personality, big muscles, a big stubborn streak... everything about him, save for his actual height, is bold, bombastic and big. He can probably (and just might) benchpress anyone who calls him small, and he insists that the prized Pokémon he keeps in the Rune City Gym can do the same with all the Bug brawn they're packing just beneath their exoskeletons. He's been known to get into very loud and very public arguments with his friend, Siegfried, over just how capable his bugs are compared to the latter's dragons. The shouting matches are (mostly) in good fun and there are rarely any hard feelings afterward, but both sets of Pokémon—and sometimes, should the fists start swinging soon enough, both men—usually end up with quite a battering before the issue is settled until the next time.