Basic Info

Full Name: Gadari
Name Origin:

a traditional Tanoby name

Age: 81
Location: Leddin Town, New Logora


Gadari's no Pokémon Professor, but he's the man to see if you're starting out in the New Logora region. League hopefuls the region over come to him to receive their very own Acafia, Crocoal or Spraylet, and there's nothing he loves more than seeing a young trainer's eyes light up as they meet their first Pokémon partner. Gadari also serves as a leading member of the Revivalists.

About Gadari

Former Pokémon Master Gadari retired from the competitive Pokémon circuit and settled down in Leddin Town, hoping to enjoy what he thought would be a quieter, simpler way to spend the rest of his days. When the Pokémon bug kept right on biting, however, he set himself up as a breeder working with three very special Pokémon. He hatches them and cares for them, and eventually he became the League's busiest official distributor for new trainers—so popular are his starters that he's had to take on quite a few volunteers and rent out the local rec center during the training high season. His life is far from quiet whenever said high season rolls around, but he doesn't mind—Gadari is at his happiest when he watches budding trainers meet their starters and set out on a journey that will bring them as close as he is with his oldest Pokémon. Things have become especially hectic recently since he has also stepped up his work with the Revivalists, but he always makes sure he has time to spare for the next generation of aspiring Pokémon masters.

Gadari's Pokémon

Old Partners

Gadari still has several of his old battling partners around even after many years, and sometimes he allows new trainers to have practice battles with them. There's not much as exciting as a chance to see how your new partner will battle once it's reached its final form!