Basic Info

Full Name: Fairlie Beatrix Adams
Name Origin:

Fairlie: fair (as in white); Beatrix: after Beatrix Potter, author of the Peter Rabbit stories; Adams: after Richard Adams, author of Watership Down

Age: 12
Location: Allogra City, New Logora
Role: Gym Leader
Type Specialty: Normal
Gym Leader Title: As adorable as can be! (or "The Bunny Girl")
Gym Badge: Harmony Badge
Gym TM(s):


Fairlie is a very young gym leader with a fondness for the fluffy and the flopsy... but don't let your guard down when facing her! She's more than capable of giving experienced trainers a challenge, too.

About Fairlie

Fairlie loves bunnies! And being a gym leader, and practicing Pokémon contests, and going shopping with her friends, but mostly bunnies! It is her dream to one day face challengers in the gym with a team consisting entirely of bunnies. Sadly she does not have access to the requisite number of bunnies at this time, but her second favorite type after bunnies is Normal and she does have plenty of those. Some of her Normal-types are also bunnies, and that is just the best thing.