Basic Info

Full Name: Daphne Galerinas
Name Origin:

Daphne: a highly toxic plant; Galerinas: poisonous Galerina mushrooms

Age: 34
Location: Allogra City, New Logora
Role: Elite Four
Type Specialty: Poison


Poison Pokémon can be cruel opponents, and Daphne intends to make your battle as grueling as possible when you face her at the Pokémon League. It's going to take some serious tenacity to stand up to this wicked witch.

About Daphne

Few things are more unnerving than powerful poisonous Pokémon, with their sly looks, unpleasant odors, fangs or spines just oozing with mysterious and dangerously potent toxins... It's only fitting that the New Logora League's resident Poison-type master, Daphne, be every bit as sinister as her team, and many a challenger has quailed beneath her baleful, calculating gaze and chilling laugh. Many, that is, but not all—an observant trainer might notice that Daphne's heart doesn't quite seem to be into her ominous wicked witch persona. The truth is that she's always a little nervous about her battles in spite of her notable skill, and being the newest addition to the Elite Four really doesn't help matters. She only took the position on the recommendation of former Elite Fiorella, who has been mentoring her and trying to improve her confidence so that one day she might be able to drop the act.

Daphne is just as interested in the beneficial properties of Pokémon poisons as she is in their attritional battle style; working to understand how the good parts might be extracted and put to use was how she met Fiorella in the first place.